Weekend Forecast


This weekend promises a beautiful day trip to Napa, reuniting with good friends, wine tasting, and taking total advantage of summer weather.

My picnic basket must-haves…

| a delicious summer salad| | a sweet indulgence (Bouchon Bakery’s macarons top my list) | | a refreshing bottle of champagne |

On the Set, in the Kitchen- Part 3


Being in the kitchen at The Restaurant at Meadowood in the height of dinner prep time was one of the most invigorating and inspiring moments that I can remember. The members of the large culinary staff moved from one end of the newly renovated kitchen to the other in swift, effortless motions easily comparable to a perfectly choreographed dance. Chef Christopher Kostow energized his staff with the upbeat songs “Send Me On My Way,” by Rusted Root and “Little Lion Man,” by Mumford & Sons, which echoed off the walls of the kitchen walls of this three Michelin Star rated restaurant.

| Chef Christopher Kostow in his element |

| prepping the dining room |

| clean, classic design elements incorporating the beauty of Napa Valley |

On the Set, in the Kitchen- Part 2


We made our way into St. Helena to shoot Dean & DeLuca. With the large amount of perfectly packaged goodies throughout every corner of the market, there was no shortage of interesting material to shoot. From the bulk candy shelf to the cheese counter, we were able to capture clean, striking food shots.

| olive oil & truffle oil |

| honey bee |

| chocolates from around the world |

| the truffle trove |

| sweet tooth |

On the Set, in the Kitchen – Part 1


Last week we had the opportunity to shoot several of the most amazing locations in Napa Valley for the food section of Shortlist magazine: an annual publication that I have been working on as an assistant editor for the past six months. Meeting the chefs and purveyors and interacting with them in their most creative spaces was a whole new level of inspiring. We began our morning at the spectacular shop La Forêt, owned by chocolatier and former French Laundry pastry chef Wendy Sherwood.

| our photographer, Jennifer Martiné |

| a clean & beautiful -albeit, half completed- wedding cake: white fondant on the outside, dark chocolate salted caramel on the inside |

| goodies to go |

| fresh mint |

| several of the chocolates produced for the summer 2012 allocation (from front to back: olive oil palet d’argent– olive oil, white chocolate ganache, dark chocolate; walnut nocino– walnut praline, milk chocolate, candied walnuts; strawberries & cream– strawberry butter cream, white chocolate; sage caramel– sage-scented butter caramel, dark chocolate ganache; honey & almond praline– honey, almond praline, milk chocolate; meyer lemon meringue pie– lemon ganache, brown sugar meringue, white chocolate) |

Amy Weaver Design


Amy Weaver of Weaver Design Group has combining color, texture, and print down to an art. I am in awe of her ability as a designer to bring balance to a room filled with dozens of different design elements. Her eye for style and sophisticated level of taste make her a fantastic interior designer, but at the end of the day, her bubbly, sassy personality make her the type of person with whom you would want to hit the town for a girl’s night out.

| Nob Hill apartment |

| all photos courtesy of Weaver Design Group |