On the Set, in the Kitchen – Part 1

Last week we had the opportunity to shoot several of the most amazing locations in Napa Valley for the food section of Shortlist magazine: an annual publication that I have been working on as an assistant editor for the past six months. Meeting the chefs and purveyors and interacting with them in their most creative spaces was a whole new level of inspiring. We began our morning at the spectacular shop La Forêt, owned by chocolatier and former French Laundry pastry chef Wendy Sherwood.

| our photographer, Jennifer Martiné |
| a clean & beautiful -albeit, half completed- wedding cake: white fondant on the outside, dark chocolate salted caramel on the inside |
| goodies to go |
| fresh mint |
| several of the chocolates produced for the summer 2012 allocation (from front to back: olive oil palet d’argent– olive oil, white chocolate ganache, dark chocolate; walnut nocino– walnut praline, milk chocolate, candied walnuts; strawberries & cream– strawberry butter cream, white chocolate; sage caramel– sage-scented butter caramel, dark chocolate ganache; honey & almond praline– honey, almond praline, milk chocolate; meyer lemon meringue pie– lemon ganache, brown sugar meringue, white chocolate) |

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