Body Time

Choosing a perfume or scent to wear is a personal statement of style. For me, it is the finishing touch to my morning routine. Last week I stopped by Body Time, one of my absolute favorite shops to visit for those times when I need a little pampering gift for myself. With two shops in the Bay Area (the original in Berkeley & the other in San Anselmo) this quaint bath and body care shop offers perfume oils, essential oils, lotions, and other beauty products. During my visit I bottled a custom perfume oil with the idea of creating a “winter scent”- very clean, crisp, and with a little bit of spice. After much trial and error (thank you, Amy for your patience!) my blend ended up including the scents White Tea, Green Tea, Iris, and Orange Blossom. I always end up staying much longer than I anticipate, chatting with the wonderful girls who work there and smelling pretty much every oil before making a decision.

| bottling my custom perfume oil, “#22” |

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