Dream Kitchen

| interior design by Martha Angus, photographed by Matthew Millman |

For many people, the kitchen is one of the most personal rooms in their home. For others, it’s just another room that comes with the house. But regardless of the purpose that your kitchen serves, I think we can all agree on how fun it is to look at the many different types of kitchen design.

Here are the photographs that we used in our kitchens story in the August issue of California Homes magazine. The focus of the feature was to highlight kitchens designed exclusively by interior designers and the intricate details that they used to enhance their design.

Whether you’re  a master chef or really only step into your kitchen to make coffee in the morning, I hope you enjoy these exquisite kitchens.

| And have a wonderful weekend |

| interior design by Jamie Bush, architecture by Marmol Radziner Architects |
| interior design by Dara Rosenfeld |
| interior design by Melanie Coddington |
| interior design by Jay Jeffers, photographed by Matthew Millman |
| interior design by Wendy Posard |

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