Sweet Dreams with Crane & Canopy

| the Ashbury duvet |

Achieving a signature style in your home is as much about showing memorable design pieces as it is about creating a comfortable space.

The design team behind Crane & Canopy, a Bay Area-based bedding line, have found a way to seamlessly offer fresh, luxurious products. Cultivating a business model designed to cut out the middle man, Crane & Canopy  produces duvets, shams, comforters, and pillows at a very reasonable price point. To shake up the way companies normally introduce new products, Crane & Canopy dreamed up the “Fall into Bed” campaign in which they will release a new design every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of October. And with yesterday’s launch of their Fall collection and the debut of the adorable Fillmore Blue bedding design (featured below), I am anticipating a pretty spectacular showing from Crane & Canopy for the rest of October and the months to come.

| the new Fillmore Blue duvet |
| the Valencia collection in white |

I am thrilled to share the amazing and incredibly innovative Crane & Canopy line and to introduce Karin Shieh, one half of the creative duo who founded the line in July.

| Karin Shieh | San Francisco | Owner of Crane & Canopy |

| style inspirations |

“I grew up reading Vogue and InStyle – and I absolutely love Real Simple. Also, the beauty of Paris; the gorgeous gowns and dresses of Jenny Packham and Christian Siriano.  I love the classic simplicity of Donna Karan, especially the architectural elements of her upcoming collection.”

| favorite restaurant |

Umami in San Francisco.”

| ideal getaway |

“I grew up right by the beach and am at my happiest when I can see the ocean and feel the sand between my toes.”

| if you had $5000 to any store |

“Marc Jacobs”

| guilty pleasure |

“Anything sweet (cupcakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc) and heels.”

| most prized possession |

“The pearls my grandmother gave me for my 21st birthday.  I rarely wear them, but when I do, I feel really special.”

| best advice you ever received |

“My mother always told me to follow my heart.”

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