Inspiration #5

“In order to create a genuine shift in the way we feel, in our perspective, the way we actually experience life on an everyday basis, it is essential that we look not to the past or the future, but instead to the present moment. Change happens in the here & now. How could it possibly happen anywhere else? Nothing else exists!

And that’s where meditation comes in. It is not that meditation cause the change to take place, but rather it creates the conditions for change to take place. It reminds us of that fundamental essence, which is innocent, vulnerable, gentle, kind, content, fulfilled, untouched, uncomplicated and free from habit.

I like to think of that essence as the blue sky, always present, always clear. Sure, there might be some cloudy days, but if we sit in the metaphorical deckchair for a short time, day after day, we see the clouds begin to disperse, the habits disappear…

…and we are left instead with the beauty & wonder of the blue sky.”

taken from an interview with Andy Puddicombe- author, Buddhist monk, and founder of the website Headspace– as told to Gwyneth Paltrow & featured in her weekly newsletter, Goop

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