Hair Today

Alexa Chung

“As a little girl I suffered because of my hair, and the more people would tell me how lucky I was that I wouldn’t have to have permanents when I grew up, the more I hated them. The people, and my hair… My life became conditioned by my worst enemy, humidity, and a few little rain drops would make me do all kinds of things, like racing across a busy street during a red light.”

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Forgive me if it seems slightly unoriginal, but these days I am fully into the idea of embracing the natural texture of your hair. Whether wavy and frizzy or pin straight and thin, the way your hair looks when you let it air dry is a characteristic of your individuality, and reveling in this unique part of your appearance is an awesome thing. For all of my teenage years I refused to accept the fact that I have thick, wavy, frizzy hair with a mind of its own. So many hours were spent flat-ironing and fretting over making my hair look just the way I thought it was supposed to look.

My mom and I were recently discussing my hair-nomenon (…) and she remarked, “Yeah! Your hair used to be so thin because you straightened it everyday! Have you noticed it’s gotten thicker again?” While I haven’t really noticed a whole lot of physical change in the texture of my hair, I have realized the bode of confidence that has come from short choppy hair. It seems that everyone from stars on the red carpet to street style blogs to that random chic-girl-walking-down-the-street are sporting chopped of locks with little to no styling or thick product.

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