The Dream of the 90s is Alive

After visiting New York City (a.k.a fashion mecca) last week I couldn’t help but pick up on a resounding trend. Both a call back to my childhood and a new take on laid-back, stylish dressing, 90s fashion is alive and well! In fact, not one but two of my friends (on different ends of the country, mind you) wore very similar flower print sun dresses layered under chambray shirts. Coincidence? Nope! Think leather jackets, cool backbacks, swingy printed dresses, ankle boots, very light washed jeans- the higher the rise, the better- and overalls! I know, I know, we’re all adults here. But what was once the signature piece of clothing for Amanda from the iconic MK & A 90s twin-comedy It Takes Two has now made a major comeback. Add a silk collared shirt and feminine flats and you’ll look-dare I say- sophisticated.

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