Marc-y Marc

Sitting on the couch this weekend, hanging with my friend and pouring through a stack of fashion magazines, we both couldn’t help but discuss how excited we are about the new Marc Jacobs Beauty launch with Sephora. My friend remarked that she wants to buy something from the new collection and I’m pretty sure I said something along the lines of, “Me too!! Even though it’s going to be like a $28 lipstick!” (LOL, $28 for a lipstick?! That’s insane! JK, it’s actually $30. My sarcastic self underestimated the market value of a product with the name ‘Marc Jacobs’ printed on it)

When fashion or beauty launches of this caliber come along I always question whether so many people are drawn to the new line because of the creative thought and quality that went into the products or if it is, in fact, because of the brand associated with the new line. This brings to mind the capsule collections that several big name designers have launched in conjunction with retail stores like Target or Kohl’s. Do you remember the madness that surrounded the Missoni collection for Target? A mob of online shoppers went to the Target website, crashed it, and then jumped on eBay and willingly paid 25-400% more than the retail price (that included the person who bought the inevitably trendy cruiser bike- originally priced at $399.99- for $1279.95)! But no offense to these people at all. As the trends of the fashion world ebb and flow, there will always be something satisfying about tracking down the latest coveted item.

But in defense of authenticity, if you take a look at the Marc Jacobs Beauty website you can read about Marc’s “Inspiration” for the products and see the presumably original sketches from the design and editing process. And these sketches, after lines of scribbled, handwritten notes, are signed “X, Marc” sooo…

Whether it’s a true passion project or just a great marketing campaign, Marc Jacobs Beauty is hot, and as history is undoubtedly repeating itself, just like his fashion and fragrance lines, it’s nothing short of wildly successful.

One thought on “Marc-y Marc

  1. This is really good, Had dinner with Edie Monday and Margie last night both commented your writing again and enjoy your articles Miss you, love to you both.

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