The Boyfriend Phenomenon

Do you know how many iterations of boyfriend-style garments exist in the fashion world these days? Chances are you do because you have at one point bought or seen others wearing a sweater, jeans, blazer et al. of this variety. Maybe you’re even wearing a boyfriend cardigan right now!

I love a pair of perfectly tailored skinny jeans just as much as the next person, but the immediate comfort that I feel when I pull on my favorite grey boyfriend sweater from J. Crew (with pockets!!) is really really tough to match. “Boyfriend” garments have found their way into the forefront of daily dressing for so many women not just this in decade but in generations before. Take Diane Keaton in arguably her most recognizable and iconic role as Annie Hall. She took it to another level, stealing the heart of Woody Allen while playfully donning a white button-down shirt, vest, tie and a pair of khakis that truthfully look as if she grabbed them from a pile of laundry in Woody’s bedroom and threw them on because she was “running late,” but somehow still managed to look adorable.

Taking a page from Diane, Princess Diana, Lauren Hutton and the many women today who adamantly embrace the fact that you can look just as sexy and put together in a menswear-style blazer as you can in a skin-tight LBD, here’s to the boyfriend sweater, tee, vest, jeans, slacks, loafers, baseball cap, button-down shirt, (insert garment here).

One thought on “The Boyfriend Phenomenon

  1. I want the boots, sandals and the loafers!!! You had some Jeffrey Campbell boots the other day that were SO CUTE!!!

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