C’est La Vie

c'est la vie1

Show of hands, how many of you have looked at an image on a visually driven website like Pinterest (universally accepted procrastination station) and immediately been reminded of someone close to you. Perhaps it’s a pair of camel-colored, suede driving moccasins with tassels that one of your BFFs used to sport in her ultra-preppy high school days. Maybe it’s a pillow in the perfect shade of aqua blue reminiscent of the exact color of your friend’s bedroom walls: you think to yourself, “That is such a [insert friend’s name] color!

The photo above conjured a distinct memory of my maternal grandma. Momma knew how to work the classics and often chose to wear tried-and-true prints like the featured tartan trousers. A classic “Momma” outfit also included some sort of neutral-colored cozy knit, perhaps a turtleneck and, if cold weather permitted, a fuzzy coat that often resembled the coat of a teddy bear. A devotee of the LeSportsac classic hobo, she was also known to switch it up and carry a red shoulder bag similar to the one above.

Aside from being reminded of all the wonderful times I had with Momma and the aphorisms she passed along, most memorably, “C’est la vie,” what was most enjoyable about finding this image was the fact that I further understood the trans-generational appeal of classic wardrobe staples. Momma would totally wear that outfit, I would totally wear that outfit.

And if you would totally wear this outfit too, take a look at the pieces below and shop away!

1. LOFT | 2. Asos | 3. Theory | 4. Zara
teddy coat
1. H & M | 2. Stella McCartney | 3. Topshop | 4. Asos
red bag

(clockwise, top left) 1. Aimee Kestenberg | 2. IllBeCa by Joy Gryson Church Street | 3. Alexander Wang | 4. Elizabeth & James | 5. Zara

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