Owning the Red Carpet: Part One

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Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren

Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren

So I wasn’t going to do this.

On the eve of the beginning of Award Season, while reeling with excitement for the impending glamour that could only exist in a place like Hollywood, I decided that I wasn’t going to do a round-up of my favorite red carpet looks this year. Why? Because pulling pictures from HuffPost Style and posting them up seems a little “in the box.” But after seeing the red carpet showing from both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards the number of ‘hits’ tremendously outweighed the ‘misses’ (who am I? E! Network ?!).

My jaw dropped when Lupita Nyong’o confidently stepped out in a bright red, strapless cape-dress by Ralph Lauren that was equal parts elegant and badass. The always stunning and very pregnant Kerry Washington so perfectly put her fashion foot forward and was glowing in a custom gown by Balenciaga. And I am still trying to recall a better tailored, more flattering gown than Reece Witherspoon’s turquoise Calvin Klein creation; red carpet queen Reece proves once again that fit is everything.

With so many red carpet moments worth mentioning, I present my top picks below. Whose looks did you love? And who are you looking forward to seeing on the BAFTA and Academy Award red carpets?

(images courtesy of HuffPostStyle)

A Light Filled Room

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Thinking about my dream home is just one of the ways in which I pass the time when there’s not much else to do: sitting in traffic, standing in line at Peet’s Coffee, waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room for an hour past my appointment time while trying to avoid getting coughed on by the other flu-stricken patients. If you’re going to daydream, why not make it conducive to the rounding out your design goals for your potential future home, right? For some time I have carried with me a mental-wishlist, if you will, of furnishings that reflect the type of aesthetic I see for my home. Elements like a large kitchen, an open floor plan, hardwood floors and historical finishes (see crown molding, original wainscoting) all fall on my list.

When I saw is beautiful home on Homepolish I realized that floor-to-ceiling windows in at least one room of my house was an element that unquestionably needed to be added to my wishlist. There’s nothing like a little natural light to jumpstart your day and illuminate the potential that each day brings (see what I did there?).







Images courtesy of Homepolish

Monday Mood Board: The Office

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Now that the holiday season has officially come and gone and three-day work weeks are nowhere in sight, today’s Monday feels particularly daunting. Last Monday, I for one woke up feeling particularly energized knowing that my week was basically split in two by New Year’s Day. To make settling back into reality a little bit smoother I have amassed a mood board of desks and workstation with particular style. When my productivity and motivation are running a little dry I can’t help but feel inspired by flipping through images of beautiful office spaces. Happy Monday; let’s do this!

Through the Lenses

Through the Lenses

A happy, healthy & inspired new year to everyone! It could be the fact that the beginning of the year holds the possibility of adventure, but I am seriously craving Paris right now. Can I get a oui oui? See (and listen) to the playlist below for some aural satisfaction; I call this one Nancy Sinatra Goes to Paris.