A Light Filled Room


Thinking about my dream home is just one of the ways in which I pass the time when there’s not much else to do: sitting in traffic, standing in line at Peet’s Coffee, waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room for an hour past my appointment time while trying to avoid getting coughed on by the other flu-stricken patients. If you’re going to daydream, why not make it conducive to the rounding out your design goals for your potential future home, right? For some time I have carried with me a mental-wishlist, if you will, of furnishings that reflect the type of aesthetic I see for my home. Elements like a large kitchen, an open floor plan, hardwood floors and historical finishes (see crown molding, original wainscoting) all fall on my list.

When I saw is beautiful home on Homepolish I realized that floor-to-ceiling windows in at least one room of my house was an element that unquestionably needed to be added to my wishlist. There’s nothing like a little natural light to jumpstart your day and illuminate the potential that each day brings (see what I did there?).







Images courtesy of Homepolish

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