Etsy Art: Shades of Blue


Decorating my space usually starts with tables, chairs, a bed, sofa, lamps: the basics. Art, unfortunately, makes its way onto my walls some time after I’ve settled in. I love the feeling of sourcing that one-of-a-kind painting or flea market steal, but sometimes, finding just the right piece at the right price can take a while. If you’re looking to fill your walls quickly and support some amazing independent artists, Etsy is an invaluable resource for art. With hundreds of thousands of offerings available, here are some of my picks from Etsy’s art section, focusing on blue-hued works.


“Chenille” by Parima Creative Studio


Original watercolor abstract painting by VictoriAtelier


“Pink Retro French Car” by Magalerie


“Un après-midi à Iqaluit” by modulem


“Daisy Bouquet” by Carol Sapp


Abstract acrylic painting by VesnasArt


“Indigo Cactus” by The Aestate


Large abstract painting by LikeWilliamStudio

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