The Incredible Ear Jacket

As someone who has pondered getting a second piercing for a while, I was excited (and slightly relieved…) to find ear jackets. My initial reaction to them, after spotting some on Jewelmint, was a mixture of awe and confusion: awe because, without adding a ton of bulk or formal-ness, they looked way cooler than my everyday silver stud earrings; confusion because one particular pair (seen in this post) gave the illusion of having a double piercing without actually needing to go for it. If the silver stud is the plain-Jane, the ear jacket is its cool, older cousin. I was curious, and I’d seen this jewelry trend floating around in magazines and on the internet, so I purchased a pair.

The versatility of this style of earring is probably the biggest plus – I can wear my single-bar ear jacket with pretty much any stud in my jewelry box (turquoise and pearl ones featured below). Wearing these little guys is easy: After inserting the pin through your ear hole, push the pin through the hole in the ear jacket and then through the backing (For some people, the “how to put them on” might be totally obvious, but because several friends have asked me upon seeing me wear them, I figured I’d include it).

This style is changing the idea of the statement earring from a gigantic, sparkly bauble into a more delicate, structural, sexy piece. Maybe this weekend will be the one that I get another piercing, but until that happens, I’m more than happy dressing up my ears like this.

IMG_2813 copy

IMG_2745 copy

IMG_2734 copy

IMG_2786 copy

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