1920s Nashville Home

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The mix of vintage and quirky decor in this craftsman home is just as eclectic as the city in which it stands. Crisp white walls reflect an abundance of natural lighting and serve as the canvases for colorful artwork, patterned throw pillows, and little knickknacks like an incense teepee from a visit to Ojai, California. The home owners – she, a stylist and he, a photographer – do a great job of combining traditional elements like the bedroom wallpaper and Impressionist art with mid-century modern furniture. And how much does that natural lighting enhance the 20th century bungalow-style architecture? It makes this Nashville home feel especially youthful.







1. Anthropologie (similar) 2. Thrive Home Furnishings 3. Ikea 4. Cowtan & Tout 5. Dot & Bo 6. Etsy 7. Egg Collective 





Originally seen on Design*Sponge | Photography by Clark Brewer



Style Icon: Yasmin Sewell

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As the wave of New York Fashion Week begins, my excitement to look at my favorite designers’ new collections is equally met with my excitement to gawk at the street style. Many fashion week veterans have written about how street style during NYFW has been taken to a new, circus-like level. You don’t have to have a ticket to the shows to grab the attention of a photographer’s lens, just a sartorially daring outfit or the “it” item of the season: last February it was Adidas’ Stan Smith sneakers.

But for every camera-happy fashion peacock (no disrespect to those who can rock it!) there is an impeccably dressed insider like Yasmin Sewell. As the head of a fashion retail and business consultancy, she’s based in London and has had a hand in propelling many brands to success: brands like Moda Operandi, J.W. Anderson, Peter Pilotto, and Zara, just to name a few. Her signature style is taking timeless, well-made staples like a tailored pair of trousers or an oversized blazer, pairing them with off-the-cuff accessories and making them look smart, fashion-forward, and not too over the top. While others may believe that making a statement requires a “more is more” mentality, Yasmin’s style radiates with a restrained understanding that  sometimes an edited closet full of beautifully made pieces will make you stand out just as well.



Yasmin Sewell at Chloe








Le Labo

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I knew I wanted to visit the Le Labo shop when I was in New York City two years ago. One of my favorite beauty websites had highlighted their perfumes several times, discussing their bespoke blending process and collection of unique scents. As we stepped into the inconspicuous NoLIta location, I was hit with not only a wave of beautiful scents but an understanding of Le Labo’s experience, complete with vintage-looking dark wood shelving, industrial light fixtures with Edison bulbs: an apothecary’s secret hideaway.

As I perused the assortment of perfumes, a girl who spoke with a soft French accent asked me a couple of questions to help determine what kind of fragrance would suit me. Do I prefer floral, woodsy, sweet, or spicy notes? I think I described the scent I was looking for as floral but not too sweet (the smell of jasmine reminds me of so many fond memories), with some musky, natural notes like sandalwood and amber. She had me sample several perfumes to see if any struck a chord, and I landed on Lys 41, a blend of jasmine, tuberose, lily, noble woods, Madagascar vanilla, and musks. And as much as I would have liked to purchase the perfume right then and there, I held out, knowing that I had spent a decent amount of money already on our visit to New York (I know, responsible, right?). I confessed to the French girl that I was not going to be buying today, and to my surprise she prepared a sample of Lys 41, handed it to me, and slyly replied, “We don’t usually do this, but take this sample. Wear it and see how it smells on your body throughout the day.” Well, maybe I wasn’t one of the only people who had ever gotten a sample from Le Labo, but my gosh it worked! I wore Lys 41 during the rest of my trip, and when the sample ran out, I couldn’t stop thinking about owning a bottle for real. Luckily Le Labo has a shop in Santa Monica, and several months later, I happily added Lys 41 to my beauty routine. I don’t wear it every day, but when I’m in need of a little luxury, a few spritzes do the trick.

Do you have a signature perfume or scent? Lemme know!


Etsy Art: Blush Pink

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Jerrod Corbett

When I was little my favorite color was purple; I really embraced the color of my February birthstone. At some point I declared yellow as my new top hue, but somewhere around the beginning of college I flip-flopped back to purple. Right now let’s call it navy blue. Although the idea of a favorite color can be arbitrary, I can say that I’ve never been a pink person; not for any strong reason, I’ve just preferred clothes, art, decor, etc. in colors other than pink… until now. Take a look at these pieces that caught my eye on Etsy, all with a femininely awesome twinge of blush pink. Etsy is one of my favorite resources for well priced, one-of-a-kind art, and these pieces satisfy my current soft pink fascination.


Anna Tovar


Clare Elsaesser


Rebecca Plotnick


Mooseberry Paper Co.


Jennifer Flannigan


Parima Creative Studio


Khristian A. Howell


Hello Twiggs






And one Rothko for good measure! ・No. 7 by Mark Rothko, 1949