Buxom Lashes

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You know the saying: When you’ve got it, flaunt it. I have always been pretty reserved when it comes to talking about myself, but I have to confess, I love my eyelashes. My makeup routine is pretty minimal and often includes some combination of liquid foundation, under-eye concealer, tinted lip balm, maybe some blush, but always, always mascara. I like the look of highlighting one strong feature while keeping the rest of my makeup subtle (although sometimes I do go for a bold lip), and even though my eyelashes are on the longer side, a couple swipes of mascara make them really stand out. So much so that on days when my skin is being extra cooperative, I feel like mascara really is the only makeup I want to wear.

My current mascara in rotation is Buxom Lash in Blackest Black (I have always been a classic black mascara kind of girl). The wand is thick, and the bristles on the brush are made of a kind of rubbery plastic that prevents clumping and separates my lashes with each swipe. A good mascara will always be part of my makeup bag, and Buxom Lash will be sticking around for a while.

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