Autumn Willow and Sage

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It’s here! It’s here! The autumn issue hits newsstands tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited (hence, the photo of me jumping with magazine in hand). Each issue takes about five months to put together, from planning the editorial content to assigning writers and photographing each article to designing the layouts, proofreading, proofreading again (and again), and getting final approvals. It’s a long but fulfilling process, and to be able to hold the finished product in my hands is indescribable.

In this issue we dive into topics like how charcoal can benefit your skincare routine, the power of aloe vera and how it can be used in all sorts of homemade products, coconut water ice cubes, and sugar scrubs galore. You can find it on the shelf at most Barnes & Noble stores, and this link will take you to our website where you can buy it tomorrow. If you’ve ever been curious about making bath and body products from scratch or minimizing the ingredients in your regimen, I encourage you to take a peek!

Monday Blues (Color, Not Mood!)


And the Canadian tuxedo lives! Although I wouldn’t actually consider this a true canadian tuxedo … we can thank Justin Timberlake for providing us with the utmost example. Mine is a little more toned down, utilitary-ish chambray on top (best Forever 21 purchase of all time) and my ever-loved Mother high-rise jeans. Sometimes, a monochromatic look is just the sartorial canvas that I need to make some of my more flashy accessories stand out; denim, as we all know, is a neutral. Maybe it was because the clock was creeping a little too far past 7:30 am, or because I’m still not-so-secretly in love with my new faux gemstone necklace, but I ultimately chose to pair my dark blue statement bauble with my blue ‘fit. Blue on blue on blue. Because why the heck not?

Faux Gem Necklace

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gem necklace

Sometimes the equation for an outfit doesn’t have to be complicated. That proved to be the case with this Thursday-but-really-Friday ensemble I pulled together yesterday. The last day of the week before a holiday weekend can be tough to remain productive and not in full relaxation mode, and like “casual Friday”, the last day of the week can yield to some of the most leisurely pieces in my closet. But I resisted the urge to wear my most casual of office looks (usually a t-shirt, drapey pants, and sneakers) thanks to a super arty and beautiful necklace that was gifted to me by a Jewelry Affaire published artist. Like a kid who gets a new toy on Christmas, my excitement caused me to want to wear it right away, which meant forgoing a thoughtless Thursday outfit for something a little more pulled together.

I won’t say that I didn’t try on a few different tops before realizing the most reliable outfit equation – neutral basics + statement accessory – works 95% of the time. So that’s what I did. I pulled on a simple grey top, my favorite black jeans with rips in the knees (yes, Dad, I bought them like this … EXTRA 40% off though, THANKS, J. CREW), my St. James striped shirt for an extra layer for the AC in my office, and a pair of slightly heeled sandals from Topshop. Those basics provided an ideal canvas for my new decorative, one-of-a-kind bauble. The artist, Melinda Barnett, carved a block of wood to look like a faceted gemstone  and finished it with a couple layers of blue paint and gloss. This is, without a doubt, my most handmade looking piece of jewelry, and I’m so happy to add it to my collection of mostly manufactured, mass produced pieces. Not knocking the jewelry sections at my favorite stores, however, there’s something special about speaking to the artist who handcrafted the piece and asked you to have it, you know?

I am currently in an Independence Day state of mind (three day weekend!), listening to a Billy Joel record, sipping iced tea, and thinking about how I will incorporate red, white, and blue into my outfit tomorrow. That being said, have a very delightful and safe 4th of July!