Monday Blues (Color, Not Mood!)

And the Canadian tuxedo lives! Although I wouldn’t actually consider this a true canadian tuxedo … we can thank Justin Timberlake for providing us with the utmost example. Mine is a little more toned down, utilitary-ish chambray on top (best Forever 21 purchase of all time) and my ever-loved Mother high-rise jeans. Sometimes, a monochromatic look is just the sartorial canvas that I need to make some of my more flashy accessories stand out; denim, as we all know, is a neutral. Maybe it was because the clock was creeping a little too far past 7:30 am, or because I’m still not-so-secretly in love with my new faux gemstone necklace, but I ultimately chose to pair my dark blue statement bauble with my blue ‘fit. Blue on blue on blue. Because why the heck not?

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