Snapshot: 09/04

Hey, hi there! Happy Friday! I wanted to try something new – a digest of my week, if you will – as a way of sharing a little snapshot (hence the name) of my week. In here I have included some of my favorite outfits I wore, a mood board of photos I pinned that are currently inspiring me, some of my latest ‘grams, and some articles/podcasts/internet finds that I enjoyed.

Have a lovely, sunny (not sunburnt), laughter-filled long weekend!











The Meaning of Serena Williams by Claudia Rankine New York Times

“NeuroTribes” Examines the History – and Myths – of the Autism Spectrum Fresh Air

The Chatroom: Stacy London Man Repeller

The King of Horror’s Secret Feminism The Cut

Home Tour: A Young Designer’s Chic Pre-War Apartment My Domaine

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