The Best Face Mask Ever

The Boy Scouts have a motto: Always be prepared. Such an idea translates into so many facets of life — when you have a test, when your in-laws are coming to visit, when you’re awaiting the arrival of your monthly menstruation celebration — it’s human nature to plan ahead. As someone who has experienced adult-onset acne and now wrestles with the occasional pimple, I have found that it’s imperative to have some rescue skincare products in my arsenal. That’s where masks and creams come in. In addition to learning about the conditions in which my skin thrives (moist, humidity), I have also learned which products help to quell the redness and swelling of blemishes. It’s a skincare game plan full of (mostly) natural products that I can (always) count on.

In my latest video (see, I told you more were coming!) I reveal my face cleansing routine, my current favorite products, and my go-to face mask I like to slather on when my skin decides to act up.

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