The Best Face Mask Ever

The Boy Scouts have a motto: Always be prepared. Such an idea translates into so many facets of life — when you have a test, when your in-laws are coming to visit, when you’re awaiting the arrival of your monthly menstruation celebration — it’s human nature to plan ahead. As someone who has experienced adult-onset acne andContinue reading “The Best Face Mask Ever”

Snapshot 10/16

I’m going to write about that heart-stopping, joyful sensation that occurs when you find a perfectly distressed, perfectly fitting vintage piece. That feeling – after flipping through racks, digging through piles, and trying on garment after garment – of discovering something that’s one-of-a-kind. If you’re like me and the idea of mixing vintage and contemporary looks excitesContinue reading “Snapshot 10/16”

Snapshot 10/09

It’s any given Sunday night, the lights are off, I’m tucked in – face washed, phone charging, water cup almost empty – and I’m trying to fall asleep. Below is a version of a conversation that I have had in my head many times. Okay, so tomorrow’s Monday, typically a casual day in my office,Continue reading “Snapshot 10/09”