Snapshot: 10/02

For the past year or so, my boyfriend, Michael, has been asking if we can get a dog. I kid you not, this is pretty much a daily occurrence. His tone is always half kidding, but to his dismay (read: sad puppy eyes) I have responded “no” every time, which in a sense, makes meContinue reading “Snapshot: 10/02”

How to Style Sunglasses & Hats

When temperatures start to drop we reach for cozy layers, as opposed to the cut-off shorts and popsicles that we reach for when the weather report predicts a high of 93. Wool hats, scarves, gloves, and socks are the keys to staying warm when winter rears its blustery head, but the¬†accessories that remain constant yearContinue reading “How to Style Sunglasses & Hats”

Snapshot: 09/18

  There’s a pose in yoga called Warrior III in which you are balancing on one leg with the other leg stretched perpendicular behind you, arms at your side, and head stretching forward (that was a terrible description, so I’m going to illustrate with a gif). Once a week or so I enjoy transforming¬†my bedroomContinue reading “Snapshot: 09/18”

Snapshot: 09/11

Is it possible for a short week to feel even shorter? Looking back at my week, which was filled with deadlines, lots of proofreading, watching tennis (THIS), and ultimately trying to say cool in what felt like a never-ending bout of 100-degree weather, I’d say the answer is yes. But cheers to the weekend, nonetheless,Continue reading “Snapshot: 09/11”

Little Gray Dress

Michael calls this my “Indiana Jones dress.” Maybe because of the collar, flap pockets on the chest, and overall utilitarian look of it? Harrison Ford could wear the heck out of a khaki shirt, so I’ll take the compliment. The dress is also made of a light tweed-y material reminiscent of his professorial look. WhenContinue reading “Little Gray Dress”