Monday Blues (Color, Not Mood!)

And the Canadian tuxedo lives! Although I wouldn’t actually consider this a true canadian tuxedo … we can thank Justin Timberlake for providing us with the utmost example. Mine is a little more toned down, utilitary-ish chambray on top (best Forever 21 purchase of all time) and my ever-loved Mother high-rise jeans. Sometimes, a monochromatic look isContinue reading “Monday Blues (Color, Not Mood!)”

Modern Hepburn Wedding Look

The phrase, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” has taken on a negative connotation for years. I haven’t experienced bridehood (yet…) so I can’t speak to the feeling of walking down an aisle – friends and family surrounding you, dad (mom? both parents?) on your arm, walking toward your soon-to-be husband – which I canContinue reading “Modern Hepburn Wedding Look”

The Denim Jacket of my Dreams

Sometimes it’s worth it to hold out for the right one. Ever since I saw my friend effortlessly fling her oversize Levi’s denim jacket that she “found at a flea market in Seoul,” I had been looking for a similar one. A good denim jacket is considered by many to be a wardrobe staple, and I don’tContinue reading “The Denim Jacket of my Dreams”

Style Icon: Yasmin Sewell

As the wave of New York Fashion Week begins, my excitement to look at my favorite designers’ new collections is equally met with my excitement to gawk at the street style. Many fashion week veterans have written about how street style during NYFW has been taken to a new, circus-like level. You don’t have to haveContinue reading “Style Icon: Yasmin Sewell”