Snapshot 10/09

It’s any given Sunday night, the lights are off, I’m tucked in – face washed, phone charging, water cup almost empty – and I’m trying to fall asleep. Below is a version of a conversation that I have had in my head many times.

Okay, so tomorrow’s Monday, typically a casual day in my office, so I’ll wear my Levi’s 501s and a striped shirt. Comfortable, relaxed. Yes. Ooor, I could wear that new dress I scored at Crossroads with my denim jacket. Eh, it’s supposed to be cooler in the beginning of the week so pants it is, save the dresses and bare legs for the heatwave that will be Thursday and Friday. Shoes? Old reliable black loafers? I could go Birkenstocks but that might be a little too comfortable for the office. Dang, I really need a pedicure.

I used to feel embarrassed about planning my outfits the night before school, and now, work. Laying out each piece, whether actually laying it out or laying it out in my mind, felt forced and deliberate, and trying that hard never feels cool. There’s a difference between planning an outfit for a special event and planning an outfit for just another day of work. Doing the latter, planning for such a habitual thing, feels like the opposite of effortless. So perhaps the detail lies in the specialness of the event. We put thought into what we’re going to wear to a wedding because it’s an event we will take part in very rarely. But when it’s something like work, a place I go nearly every day of the week with the same colleagues and the same desk, the need to plan each detail seems frivolous. But it’s actually something that satisfies my desire to plan, and being prepared for the hour and change I give myself each morning to get ready for work really helps get me to the office on time. It’s soothing, mentally scanning through my closet and trying different combinations (this skirt, that scarf, that sweater I haven’t worn in forever!). Planning my outfit isn’t a revolutionary idea or admittance, but it’s a little nightly routine that I genuinely enjoy.

Are you a planner? Does organization bring you a secret wave of happiness? Let me know! And have a fantastic weekend!


My favs from Paris Fashion Week












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Snapshot: 10/02

For the past year or so, my boyfriend, Michael, has been asking if we can get a dog. I kid you not, this is pretty much a daily occurrence. His tone is always half kidding, but to his dismay (read: sad puppy eyes) I have responded “no” every time, which in a sense, makes me the sound like the bad guy. Don’t get me wrong though, I definitely want a dog or two, and he gets why now is not the right time. I grew up with two amazing dogs and look forward to again experiencing the same unconditional love and playfulness that my dogs brought to our family. Just not right now!! Our recreational space – a necessity for a dog as far as I’m concerned – is non-existent and our schedules are somewhat unpredictable from day to day.

Luckily we have friends with dogs! This weekend we’ll be dogsitting an energetic black lab named Rufio, taking him on walks, bringing him to a local beer festival, and pretending we are dog owners.

Enjoy your first weekend of October! Bring on the pumpkin everything!



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Trendiest press release I’ve ever received





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How to Style Sunglasses & Hats

When temperatures start to drop we reach for cozy layers, as opposed to the cut-off shorts and popsicles that we reach for when the weather report predicts a high of 93. Wool hats, scarves, gloves, and socks are the keys to staying warm when winter rears its blustery head, but the accessories that remain constant year round are sunglasses. Below are my favorite sunglasses plus hat combinations with additional pieces that I’m loving for fall.


1. Ray-ban sunglasses 2. Rag & Bone fedora 3. Lafayette 148 scarf 4. Madewell dress 5. Zara coat



1. Kate Spade sunglasses 2. J. Crew hat 3. & Other Stories sweater 4. Topshop vest 5. & Other Stories jeans 6. Acne booties



1 Elizabeth and James sunglasses 2. Eugenia Kim beret 3. Everlane shirt 4.Madewell necklace 5. River Island skirt  6. Toss Designs clutch 7. Madewell jacket 8. Maryam Nassir Zadeh heels


Thanks to Salt City Optics for inspiring this post! Check out their selection of sunglasses here!

Snapshot: 9/25

It’s fall, y’all! It’s also currently 80 degrees at 8:30 pm and we’re running the A.C. full blast to cool down our un-cooldownable apartment. But, according to the calendar it is, in fact, my favorite season – the season of pumpkin, Halloween, layering, soup, long jackets, socks (SOCKS!), and crisp evenings with otherworldly sunsets (see the snap below).

This week actually flew by largely because we closed the winter issue of Willow and Sage (!!!), which I can’t wait to share in a couple months. I’m also working on some exciting projects, one of which involves contributing to eHow Style and Home. They present their content in a really fresh and eclectic way, often featuring articles about things that I didn’t even realize I wanted to know (DIY faux marble shelf? Yes!), and I’m glad to be writing for them again.

Happy weekend!


Leopard lady















Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.17.45 PM

My mood board at my desk filled with lots of light pink, navy, and copper hues.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.18.16 PM

Evening sunset fading from pink to gray

The chin is in! I’ve long been told I have my father’s strong chin, and I’m glad it made it in our gorgeous boho-glam designer collection feature in October Jewelry Affaire.


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Snapshot: 09/18


There’s a pose in yoga called Warrior III in which you are balancing on one leg with the other leg stretched perpendicular behind you, arms at your side, and head stretching forward (that was a terrible description, so I’m going to illustrate with a gif).


Once a week or so I enjoy transforming my bedroom into my own personal yoga studio thanks to the abundance of videos online (!). In one particular video the instructor leads us (me) through the Warrior III pose and further explains the pose by saying something like, “It’s as if you’re being pulled in two opposite directions – I know we can all relate to that!” For me, this week in particular, truer words have never been spoken! Between preparing for impending deadlines and finishing up production on the winter issue of Willow and Sage, I reminded myself that busy is good, I like having a full yet doable to-do list. The week before we close the issues and send them to the printer is crunch time and everyone feels it, but luckily, the girls I work with know when to pull out a Buzzfeed list to relieve the pressure and make everyone crack up.

Also, New York Fashion Week. Flipping through show photos is always a dream, but this season especially I enjoyed and almost preferred reading the daily digests of sites like Man Repeller, New York Times Fashion & Style, and Vogue Runway. There’s something conversational, analytical, and academic about a runway show review, which made it feel as though I was interacting with the collections more so than if I were to click through a slideshow of every single garment (not every garment … come on!) like I’ve done in years past.

My curiosity to see some of my favorite designers’ collections did lead me to Vogue Runway’s archive of every. single. show., and some of my favorite looks, along with street style snaps, are below.

Enjoy, and happy weekend!looks


Frame Denim


Frame Denim


Isa Arfen


Katie Ermilio




Rosie Assoulin

Oscar de La Renta

Oscar de La Renta

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

Love me a denim jacket!





Vines and white-washed wood.

Vines and white-washed wood.

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Do bare bricks ever not look photogenic?

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Sage smudge bundles for props and then for gooood viiiibes

Spontaneous Angels game!

Spontaneous Angels game!



New York Fashionweek SS2016, day 4






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Snapshot: 09/11

Is it possible for a short week to feel even shorter? Looking back at my week, which was filled with deadlines, lots of proofreading, watching tennis (THIS), and ultimately trying to say cool in what felt like a never-ending bout of 100-degree weather, I’d say the answer is yes. But cheers to the weekend, nonetheless, even if it crept up hidden by the end of a busy week and a heatwave! New York Fashion Week started today so I plan on spending the weekend clicking through photos on the new Vogue Runway, doing all of the laundry I should have done last weekend (a.k.a the three-day birthday marathon. HBD, my friends!), refilling our freezer with homemade tamales from the farmers’ market, and staying cool.


Score of the century!

Score of the century! Ferragamo flats thrifted for $35!

Sweltering heat demands cool and comfy

Sweltering heat demands cool and comfy. Old Michael Stars top, army-green trousers from J.Crew secured by a belt that, when going through airport security, prompted a fellow traveler to say, “Cool belt – I had one of those in the ’70s!”







Because today’s the first day of NYFW!





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And a shameless plug … my editor spotlight on the Stampington & Company blog. If you know me, you know I’ve developed a not-so-subtle devotion to using rose water in my skincare routine. We shot some lovely photos to go along with my post that coincides with the autumn issue of Willow and Sage. If anything, check out the photos – our director of photography is a wizard with the camera.