Monday Mood Board: The Office

Now that the holiday season has officially come and gone and three-day work weeks are nowhere in sight, today’s Monday feels particularly daunting. Last Monday, I for one woke up feeling particularly energized knowing that my week was basically split in two by New Year’s Day. To make settling back into reality a little bitContinue reading “Monday Mood Board: The Office”

Through the Lenses

A happy, healthy & inspired new year to everyone! It could be the fact that the beginning of the year holds the possibility of adventure, but I am seriously craving Paris right now. Can I get a oui oui?┬áSee (and listen) to the playlist below for some aural satisfaction; I call this one Nancy SinatraContinue reading “Through the Lenses”

Monday Mood Board: City

my thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with the people on the east coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. as the rebuilding stage has begun in New York City, I wanted to pay tribute to the incredibly inspiring sights, locales, fashion & architecture of this beautiful city | images courtesy of TheContinue reading “Monday Mood Board: City”

Paris, I Love You- Part 3

I now understand that Paris is a city in which one could spend several months and still not fully absorb everything the city has to offer. Only staying for a week put us in the mindset of ‘Go! Go! Go!’- we must try to see, visit, and engage ourselves in as much of the ParisianContinue reading “Paris, I Love You- Part 3”