Snapshot 10/16

I’m going to write about that heart-stopping, joyful sensation that occurs when you find a perfectly distressed, perfectly fitting vintage piece. That feeling – after flipping through racks, digging through piles, and trying on garment after garment – of discovering something that’s one-of-a-kind. If you’re like me and the idea of mixing vintage and contemporary looks excitesContinue reading “Snapshot 10/16”

Snapshot 10/09

It’s any given Sunday night, the lights are off, I’m tucked in – face washed, phone charging, water cup almost empty – and I’m trying to fall asleep. Below is a version of a conversation that I have had in my head many times. Okay, so tomorrow’s Monday, typically a casual day in my office,Continue reading “Snapshot 10/09”

Hamptons Haven

| nothin’ like those summer nights | While preparing to host a family dinner party and deciding whether or not guests should eat outside, my mother recently remarked, “Well, I’ll have to put that outdoor furniture away soon.” In an attempt to savor the last moments of summer, I wanted to share a beautiful SouthamptonContinue reading “Hamptons Haven”