Potato Chip Cookies

| a.k.a. new best friend bait | Serve up a batch of these sweet, salty, buttery, crunchy cookies and you are guaranteed to make everyone’s day. I baked some last week and gifted them to my uncle: a diehard country fan and lover of potato chips. Playing on the cowboy theme, I wrapped them inContinue reading “Potato Chip Cookies”

Discovering Copita

| It all started with a margarita | The Copita Margarita, that is. A recommendation from a friend raving about this signature cocktail led me to Copita restaurant in Sausalito, which, after trying one of these amazing creations, quickly became one of my favorite restaurants. I had the pleasure of returning to Copita to seeContinue reading “Discovering Copita”

Paris, I Love You- Part 2

As a city that is known for its incredible quality of food, pastries, desserts and confections, Paris undoubtedly lived up to my expectations. Seeking out some of the top culinary spots, we tasted amazing dishes and treats: sugary french macarons, crunchy, warm french bread, delicate yet flavorful fish. Enjoying these delicacies was definitely a highlightContinue reading “Paris, I Love You- Part 2”