Inspiration #5

“In order to create a genuine shift in the way we feel, in our perspective, the way we actually experience life on an everyday basis, it is essential that we look not to the past or the future, but instead to the present moment. Change happens in the here & now. How could it possiblyContinue reading “Inspiration #5”

Sweet Dreams with Crane & Canopy

Achieving a signature style in your home is as much about showing memorable design pieces as it is about creating a comfortable space. The design team behind Crane & Canopy, a Bay Area-based bedding line, have found a way to seamlessly offer fresh, luxurious products. Cultivating a business model designed to cut out the middleContinue reading “Sweet Dreams with Crane & Canopy”

Discovering Copita

| It all started with a margarita | The Copita Margarita, that is. A recommendation from a friend raving about this signature cocktail led me to Copita restaurant in Sausalito, which, after trying one of these amazing creations, quickly became one of my favorite restaurants. I had the pleasure of returning to Copita to seeContinue reading “Discovering Copita”

Holly’s Hideaway

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit a beautiful Pacific Heights home while it was being staged and photographed. Kendall Wilkinson, a San Francisco-based interior designer, completed this project, which will be featured in the October issue of California Homes magazine.┬áDesigned for a client with a cat named Grace Kelly, the twoContinue reading “Holly’s Hideaway”