Snapshot 10/16

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I’m going to write about that heart-stopping, joyful sensation that occurs when you find a perfectly distressed, perfectly fitting vintage piece. That feeling – after flipping through racks, digging through piles, and trying on garment after garment – of discovering something that’s one-of-a-kind. If you’re like me and the idea of mixing vintage and contemporary looks excites you, then you understand the possibilities that finding a vintage wardrobe staple like a pair of Levi’s jeans can hold. Jeans and a t-shirt is an unbeatable combination, but adding high-waisted timeworn jeans that are undoubtedly as rugged as they are feminine to the mix takes it to another level. I have found some pretty sweet vintage pieces in unlikely places, but I have yet to find, yes find (not “find” in Urban Outfitters, which, not going to lie, I’ve been tempted to do) my own pair of vintage Levi’s. In cherishing these timeless jeans (or jackets, or shoes) of the past I feel as though I can bring nostalgia to an outfit of otherwise current pieces that were most likely manufactured in this decade. A pair of vintage Levi’s can stand alone with a modest shirt and not much else and can add something special in their own subtle way.

Cheers to Friday, and have a fantabulous weekend!


My ode to vintage Levi’s jeans






























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Monday Blues (Color, Not Mood!)


And the Canadian tuxedo lives! Although I wouldn’t actually consider this a true canadian tuxedo … we can thank Justin Timberlake for providing us with the utmost example. Mine is a little more toned down, utilitary-ish chambray on top (best Forever 21 purchase of all time) and my ever-loved Mother high-rise jeans. Sometimes, a monochromatic look is just the sartorial canvas that I need to make some of my more flashy accessories stand out; denim, as we all know, is a neutral. Maybe it was because the clock was creeping a little too far past 7:30 am, or because I’m still not-so-secretly in love with my new faux gemstone necklace, but I ultimately chose to pair my dark blue statement bauble with my blue ‘fit. Blue on blue on blue. Because why the heck not?

Through the Lenses

Through the Lenses

A happy, healthy & inspired new year to everyone! It could be the fact that the beginning of the year holds the possibility of adventure, but I am seriously craving Paris right now. Can I get a oui oui? See (and listen) to the playlist below for some aural satisfaction; I call this one Nancy Sinatra Goes to Paris.

Hat Trick

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For those of you who have ever said the sentence, “I’m not a hat person,” I have something to say. We don’t need to be afraid of hats anymore!! This fall I strongly urge you to step outside of your box, dip a toe in the hat pool and cover your head by trying on one of the most universally flattering styles: the wide-brimmed hat.

This weekend I spent a considerable amount of time outside at a sun-drenched festival in San Diego celebrating the 17th anniversary of Stone Brewery. As of recent (let’s say the last 6 months) I’ve become much more careful about protecting my face from the sun, using this sunscreen almost daily (I also just discovered this CC cream which is great for days when you don’t want to wear a heavy foundation) and bringing hats along whenever I know I’m going to be out in the sun for a while. Glad I grabbed my wide-brimmed hat and applied a generous amount of SPF on my face because at the end of the day my face was its normal shade of white(er than white) and my boyfriend’s was borderline lobster.

So, go ahead! If you’ve never thought of yourself as a “hat person,” rethink this look, let skincare and style collide and try a hat on for size. You never know; you might even like it.